Tokens include all the encounters, and equal the amount of encounter slots. Testing starts with the following numbers:

6 short routes, 2 slots each = 12 tokens
6 medium routes, 3 slots each = 18 tokens
6 long routes, 4 slots each = 24 tokens

Encounters will include 2/3 (36) negative effects, rest are positive and special ones.

Total 54 tokens and encounters

Encounter details:

Bandits - different levels of highwaymen; Bandit level - Guard level = Gold loss

Taxmen - Taxmen, with different levels of taxing orders; Taxmen level - Decree level = Gold loss

Disasters - different levels of natural disasters that cause losses to cargo; Disaster level = Gold loss (this can be expanded into several different disasters, e.g. floods, landslides, muddy roads, with different methods of alleviating penalties.)

Shortcut - nothing happens, in practice allowing the wagon to skip an encounter.

Guide - wagon moves to a neighbouring route of player's choice, and goes through the encounter there. Continues to town on that route.

Military Detachment - group of military is travelling the same direction, and will increase the Guard level of the wagon for fee/free for the rest of the way.

Royalty - can be enticed to join the wagon, inceasing the Decree level.


Guards of different levels - equip the wagon with guards

Royal decree's of different levels (bought legally or with bribes) - give the wagon royal protection

Contraband - instead of normal cargo, wagon is transporting contraband, which will give double the rewards, but will all be lost if any taxmen are encountered.

Scout - player can pay to see all the tokens on one route.

Guide - move any wagon that's already on route to a neighbouring route. No extra encounter is experienced.